JoAnn Minor – Treasurer

JoAnn  was bitten with the aviation bug on her first commercial flight at the age of three. A very quiet and shy youngster, she was interested enough to ask the flight attendant if she could see the cockpit. That tour of  the cockpit was the start of a healthy obsession with all things  aviation related! Always an enthusiast, some of JoAnn’s fondest memories  are taking a day off school and driving with her dad to watch the Blue  Angels practice in Imperial Valley. 

Fast  forward 25 years or so when JoAnn began her Private Pilot training at Gillespie Field, and now she has her Instrument Rating. JoAnn is  involved with a few local flying groups and loves her job at High  Performance Aircraft. She has been our Treasurer for most of the past  seven years and enjoys keeping the chapter on track financially!