Dr. Janet Lapp

Born  and raised in Montréal Québec, Dr. Janet Lapp was inspired to fly when, as a child at a local airstrip in Canada, she would sit for hours on the grass watching small airplanes magically lift into the sky.  Education and family followed, and it wasn’t until her late 30's and a  move to California for a university faculty position in Neuropsychology that she was able to earn her pilot’s license.

An IFR rating, commercial license, an instructor’s certificate (CFI) and three Bonanzas (A36,  B36TC and V35B)  followed. She applied her background in  neuropsychology to human factors in flight, and developed an expertise  in cognitive factors and unrecognized mild cognitive impairment (MCI).  She is the co-author (with Lorne Sheren, MD) of Keep Young and Fly  Forever, and has developed and presented programs for several  organizations including AOPA, FAA Wings, EAA, ABS and other aircraft  owner groups on cognitive and health factors that keep pilots of any age fit to fly.

She  feels fortunate to have been able to use her aircraft to explore the  world. In her Bonanzas, she has flown throughout North, Central and  South America, and in rented C182’s has flown solo over much of southern  Africa. She’s been often questioned, stopped, and confined and her  airplane confiscated just because she was a female flying alone (FFA).

For  the past 20 years she has flown each month with the Flying Doctors of  Mercy to deliver care to the under-served of  central México. She is the founder of Liga Clean Water teaching prevention and sanitation and helping  to eliminate water-borne disease in Sinaloa, México. She welcomes other  female aviators to join her on the weekend missions and to keep  encouraging other young women to choose any field associated with  aviation. The only direction possible is up.

Dr. Lapp is our guest speaker at the WAISD Spring Gala on May 17, 2019.