Christina Munro

Christina Munro – Vice President

Christina's  father was a pilot and is still an Air Traffic Controller at Juneau  Flight Service, Alaska, so she feels like she has always loved all  things aviation. When she was 21, Christina decided that Air Traffic was  what she wanted to do and that Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University  (ERAU) in Daytona Beach, Florida was where she would go.

While  at ERAU, she was a member of WAI, played rugby, worked at Air America  FBO, was a delegate for Model UN, and President of the College  Democrats. She graduated in May 2007 and worked for WCG at Jacksonville  Center as a pseudo pilot in the training lab before the FAA hired her in  September and she began training at the FAA Academy. Christina checked  in at her first facility, Tallahassee Tower & TRACON (TLH) in  December of that year and was fully certified two years later. 

She  began to get highly involved in an FAA Employees Organization called  Professional Women Controllers (PWC) and joined the National Air Traffic  Controllers Association (NATCA). In 2012, Christina was selected by and  transferred to The Southern California TRACON (SCT) where she certified  18 months later. She currently works the Del Rey Area and mostly  controls LAX and Orange County Airports departures and arrivals. 

In  2013 Christina was elected Director of the Western-Pacific Region for  PWC and was on the planning committees for both the PWC Annual Training  Conference and the Biannual NATCA Convention in 2016. She is still very  active with PWC!